Our History

FROM 1954 TO 2020

1954 - The Kinloch Hotel was rented by Lawrence Crawford and his mum

1955 - A table license was acquired.

1956 - The Kinloch Hotel was bought by Lawrence Crawford and his mum,a new dining room was added and a full license granted, making this the only establishment on the west side of the island in which to enjoy a drink!

1957 - New toilets were built.

1958 - Lawrence bought the adjacent Montana guest house.

1963 - Robin Crawford,having completed his commission for the army & further training at hotel school, returned to the Island to run the hotel with his brother and mum.

1964 - Mrs Crawford retired from the business and Lawrence married Janess Hamilton.

1965 - A new block was added to the front of Kinloch to make a lounge. 4 More bedrooms were also added this time en-suite. The main stairwell was moved to create a new entrance and later that year the first of four sons was born, Robbie.

1967 - Son number 2 for Lawrence and Jan, welcome to the world Gavin!

1968 - Robin married Miss Fiona Clark and Sunart House (beside the hotel) was bought for staff accommodation.

1969 - The old village bank building was bought by Lawrence & Robin,as a home for Robin and Fiona. Lawrence and Jan added Stevie to their brood and as well as a new home, Robin and Fiona also added to their number with baby Kirsty.

1970 - The previously purchased bank building was exchanged for the original post office and bakery (plus £1000). The swimming pool was built, one of the first in Scotland, plus changing rooms, cafe facility and in house laundry.

1972 - A hairdressing salon was added plus major renovations made to join "Kinloch" and "Montana" buildings were undertaken. One hotel was then created with many extra en-suite bedrooms. Another wee girl Rhona, was born to Robin and Fiona.

1973 - A new dining room and kitchen were added. The old bakery building, with ovens still intact,was put back into working order and re-opened making fresh bread and rolls for the hotel and the village.

1974 - New main stairwells are added to the front of both "Kinloch" and "Montana" entrances.

1976 - Saw the arrival of baby Jamie to Lawrence and Jan.

1980 - A new home was purchased for Robin and Fiona, and their home at the hotel was turned into staff accommodation. 

1981 - Kinloch Hotel joined Consort Hotels.

1982 - The old annex was knocked down and a squash court built in its place

1984 - The back area of "Montana" was pulled down to add more bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

1985 - The entire hotel now had all 37 bedroom en-suite.

1987 - A new screen made between the swimming pool and cafe.

1989 - A sauna, snooker room and fitness room were added to the leisure club.

1995 - An entire additional floor was added to the "Kinloch" section of the hotel adding 7 self catering apartments. The entire building required to be re-enforced at the base and a lift was added at this time.

1996 - With the amalgamation of Best Western Hotels & Consort we became a proud member of the worlds largest chain of independent hotels.

1999 - Following the unexpected death of Robin Crawford, Robbie took over as manager, with his father Lawrence still actively involved in the business. Robbie married Barbara Patterson (one of 11 children herself) secure in the knowledge she too knew all about families!

2000 - All "Montana" bedrooms were re-styled and re-vamped. Kinloch became a limited company. 

2003 - The public bar and residents lounges were re-modelled.

2005 - "Kinloch" bedrooms given a new look.

2007 - The main dining room got a style makeover.

2008 - A drying room and bike shed were added

2010 - A biomass wood chip boiler was installed to power all heating and hot water, one of the first in Scotland. A new first alarm system and emergency lighting was also installed.

2011 - Wiring upgrade of entire hotel plus all lighting changed to low voltage. 

2012 - Make over of all the self catering suites.

2013 - Arran's first electric car charging point was installed at the hotel.

2013  - The sad passing of Lawrence Crawford, hotel head and larger than life personality. Greatly missed.

2014 - The swimming pool changing rooms have had a re-vamp, hotel bedrooms have upgraded sound proof installation installed and the hotel celebrates its 60th birthday!

2015 - The public bar received a well earned face lift.

2016 - The Montana section of 17 bedrooms were completed re-wired and re-plumbed and given a whole new flavour.
            The swimming pool was lined and tiled and new flooring put down.

2017 - The ground floor re-fit. Walls came down, reception moved and we created a fabulous new lounge & dining space.     

2018 - We introduced our new outdoor dining space, we upgraded one section of hotel bathrooms & refurbished our        public restrooms

2019- We upgraded a further 10 guest bathrooms, changing room toilets and gave our one bedroom apartments an overhaul.

2020- A complete overhaul of 2 one bedroom and 1 two bedroom self-catering apartments. Following a severe storm in February, we re-built our beloved swimming pool and she looks awesome!


The late, great Lawrence Jame Crawford. A big man with a bigger heart. Founder of the Kinloch, head of the family,a man whose greatest loves were his family, his hotel and his community. A unique character, local hero, a legend.


The Kinloch as she used to be. Back in 1954 she was small in size but big in heart. With love, dedication and more than a little innovation, the hotel blossomed as did the Crawford family!


A true gentleman. He was the "Wise" to Lawrence's "Morecambe", the perfect partnership. The brothers' working unity provided stability to the business and their love for the job was reflected in the warmth of their welcome to all who passed through.


This photograph showing "Kinloch" and "Montana" before two became one! Keen to retain its heritage and links with the past, the hotel, to this day,refers to the accommodation sections as Kinloch, Montana and the rooms which join the two, Kintana!


Lawrence, the hotels' original owner & proprietor, pictured here with Robbiehis eldest son and current hotel proprietor since 1999. This was taken during Lawrence's retirement, where he continued to wash dishes until the grand old age of 77!

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